6 steps to look stylish and stay well while travelling

I love to travel but find as I get older it’s more challenging to look good and stay healthy on the road. But the plus side is I’ve learned 6 steps to look stylish and stay well while travelling.

While 20-somethings can get away with travelling in yoga pants, I believe with age, polished style is the way to go. And in my forties I seem to attract more colds when I travel than I used to. Luckily, as a former travel magazine editor and  frequent traveller for business and pleasure, I’ve picked up these tips en route:

1) Wrap it up. While it’s been many years since the pashmina had its heyday as the It

luggage and pashmina - 6 steps to look stylish and stay well while travelling

Pashminas add style (and warmth to your travels).

accessory of the late 1990’s; I’ve never found a more accommodating travel companion (except for my husband, of course…). These wraps transform easily from chic shawls to airplane blankets, and pack easily, to boot. Inexpensive knockoffs are plentiful, but this is an item worth splurging on for the real thing. An authentic pashmina is made from the fine wool of the undercoat of a special breed of Himalayan goat. The wool is often blended with silk to create a smooth, soft fabric that’s lightweight enough to be a cover for summer evenings and sufficiently cozy to warm you as a winter scarf.

2) In (dark) jean-ious.  Dark jeans are my go-to travel trouser. They fly well, look more polished than lighter-shaded denim and conceal any unfortunate spill. And when paired with a blazer and dressier boots or shoes, they can also easily be elevated from plane uniform to stylish wear at your destination.

3) Jewels on the journey. I try to pack light (it’s still a work in progress) but have found

Costume necklaces - 6 steps to look stylish and stay well while travelling

Dress up travel basics with a costume necklace or two.

costume jewellery to be a great travel wardrobe stretcher. I pack two to three faux-fabulous necklaces on each trip and findthey can upgrade even a simple T-shirt into a topper for an evening out.

4) Sanitizing sanity. In town or on the road, a bottle of hand sanitizer is always in my handbag. It provides a layer of protection against germy surfaces in airports and planes, as well as in locales where soap and water aren’t always convenient. To reduce exposure to chemicals, lately I’ve been using natural versions. Burt’s Bees Aloe & Witch Hazel Hand Sanitizer and the EO Hand Sanitizer Spray with organic lavender are two I’ve tried and liked. Both brands claim to eliminate at least 99.9 per cent of common germs.

Like many travellers, I’ve feared the recirculated air on airplanes. However, according to Dr. Charles P. Gerba, a microbiology professor from the University of Arizona nicknamed “Dr. Germ,” the real culprits lurk in plane toilets, tray tables and the latches on overhead bins. While I find Dr. Gerba’s caution to avoid using the plane’s WC unrealistic, especially on long hauls, I did use the To Go pack of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to sanitize my tray tables on a recent trip to New York City and Los Angeles.

travel health products - 6 steps to look stylish and stay well while travelling

Natural hand sanitizer, Emergency-C and a Neti pot help me stay well on the road.

5) C’s the day. The old adage about prevention being more potent than a cure still holds true, so to try and bolster my system, I travel with Emergen-C dietary supplement. Each packet contains 1,000 mg of vitamin C along with minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes. I take one either during a flight or when I land. If you’re watching sugar intake, there’s also a light version.

6) Neti effect: My Neti pot is a world traveller. I’ve hauled it to Paris, London, New York and L.A.  If you aren’t acquainted with the device; it resembles a tiny teapot and is used with a sodium solution for nasal irrigation. The practice of nasal irrigation comes from India’s Ayurvedic and yogic traditions. It’s been invaluable to me in relieving sinus issues from allergies, cold or congestion. Note: Before using, consult your health professional to see if it’s appropriate for you, and use with distilled or boiled water.

I hope these 6 steps to look stylish and stay well while travelling will bring you smoother journeys. Bon voyage!

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