On Age and Beauty

Woman meditatingThe idea for this blog came to me in a few different ways, but the most significant was the memory of what a dear friend said to me several years ago.

My friend was older than me and, during a dinner together, she said in passing that she sometimes felt invisible. I remember being shocked at the time that this tall blonde woman, strikingly attractive, warm and accomplished with a large circle of loving friends and family could feel unnoticed.

I was in my early 30s at the time, and recall feeling sad that my beautiful, smart friend could feel that way when she had so much to offer. But now that I’m a few years older, I get what she meant.

The ugly truth about beauty

The ugly truth about the way beauty is viewed in North America is that once you’re past 35, your “looking good” days are on the wane.

I experienced a humorous example of that notion at a farmers market several months ago. I overhead one cashier in her early 20s ask another young woman around the same age how old a certain woman was. When the other replied “almost 30,” the first girl said without irony, “Well, she better get her act together because her days are numbered!”

Reimagining beauty

Through this blog, I’m determined to turn that sentiment on its head.

We’ll talk about all the “middle beauties” out there and how some women look better than ever at midlife. We’ll challenge the notion of what beauty is really all about.

Yes, we’ll discuss products, but likely less than on other beauty blogs. And because once you reach “a certain age,”  you realize that  beauty is as much about the work you do on the inside as the creams and serums you apply to the exterior, we’ll look at things that make you feel good too.

Last spring my friend passed away too young from ovarian cancer. This blog is in part a tribute to her.

Here’s to her beautiful life and yours too.

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