Beauty secrets of 5 ageless celebrities

Film icon Bette Davis once said “Growing old is not for sissies,” which, as an aging actress in Hollywood, she knew something about. There’s probably no environment as hostile to mature women as the entertainment industry, which values youthfulness above talent and treats female performers as having a “best by” date. Despite sexism, there are a handful of seemingly ageless celebrities, who seem to be thriving  looking fabulous without attempting to look too young. Yes, they have access to the best anti-aging experts and products, but that’s no guarantee of looking good (I won’t mention any names…). Here’s my list of 5 seemingly ageless celebrities, as well as their secrets to looking great:

  1. Salma Hayek

    Salma-Hayek-photo - Beauty secrets of 5 ageless celebrities

    Salma Hayek says she avoids aggressive facial treatments, such as peels and microdermabrasion.

Let’s face it, she’s always been gorgeous, but, at age 47, she’s hotter than ever. The Mexican-born actress, producer and entrepreneur is the rare Hollywood glamour girl who actually seems to enjoy life. Hayek admits to occasionally over-indulging in the wine, pasta and cheese of Paris, her adopted hometown, and then turning to juicing to balance things out.

Her big beauty secrets: It’s no surprise that Hayek, a co-founder of Cooler Cleanse, a juice-cleansing delivery program, would be an evangelist for the liquid craze. But unlike other actresses who deny themselves the pleasures of food, Hayek says she juices so she can also enjoy more decadent dishes.

Juicing probably keeps Hayek glowing, but I was curious what else contributes to her beautiful complexion. She shared in the spring 2014 issue of New Beauty magazine that she avoids aggressive treatments and has never had a peel or microdermabrasion. This natural approach is found in Hayek’s affordable skincare and beauty line, Nuance Salma Hayek, available exclusively in CVS pharmacy in the U.S. and on

The line was inspired by Hayek’s late grandmother, a cosmetologist in Mexico, and focuses on natural ingredients. The most important of which, according to Hayek, is tepezcohuite (mimosa bark extract), used for years in Mexican hospitals to treat burn victims. Nuance claims the ingredient helps stimulate collagen and elastin, while reducing flaws, such as discolouration and enlarged pores. Now if only it could make us all look like Hayek…

2. Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore - Beauty secrets of 5 ageless celebrities

Julianne Moore is a poster girl for paleness, and, at age 53, proves that shunning the sun helps keep your skin looking young.

She’s acclaimed for her performances in movies like The Hours, The Kids are All Right and A Single Man, but Julianne Moore seems equally admired for her long red hair and virtually unlined fair complexion. The 53-year-old mother of two also radiates a down-to-earth quality, probably helped by making her home in Manhattan rather than La-La Land.

Her big beauty secrets: Moore is a spokesperson for L’Oréal Age Perfect and Superior Preference hair colour, but her biggest beauty secret is probably what she avoids: namely the sun. Moore has said many times that she’s worn sunscreen daily since her mid 20’s and always walks on the shady side of the street.

The truest reflection of Moore’s beauty philosophy, however, is likely her children’s book series, Freckleface Strawberry, focusing on a girl who learns to embrace the looks she’s been teased about.

3. Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu - Beauty secrets of 5 ageless celebrities

Lucy Liu credits acupuncture with helping keep her body trim and her skin youthful.

If you’ve seen TV’s Elementary, you’ll have noticed, beyond Jonny Lee Miller’s delightfully neurotic take on Sherlock Holmes, actress Lucy Liu hasn’t changed much physically since appearing in the late ’90s TV series Ally McBeal. While Asian skin tends to age very well, I was curious if there was more to the 45-year-old’s young look than genetics.

Her big beauty secrets: Liu seemingly never has a bad hair day and her long locks give her a youthful edge. Otherwise, the rest of her beauty strategy seems decidedly low maintenance. She’s told reporters she doesn’t believe in facials or peels and even shuns sunscreen. Then what does she do? While Liu keeps fit cycling around New York City and doing Pilates, her biggest beauty tool may be acupuncture. “It can help you lose weight,” she says.  “It can help your skin stay young.”

4. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres photo - Beauty secrets of 5 ageless celebrities

Daily yoga, a vegan diet and a clothing style that suits her have helped Ellen look trimmer and more radiant.

You may be surprised to see the 56-year-old talk-show host and comedienne on a “most beautiful” list, which is more frequently the domain of her wife, actress Portia de Rossi. But if you compare DeGeneres’s current glowing appearance to the frumpy look she had several years ago, you’ll see she’s aging beautifully.

Her big beauty secrets: When DeGeneres went from a mousey blonde shag to a platinum pixie hairstyle, her whole look brightened up. And while she’s a spokesperson for CoverGirl and Olay, her lit-from-within glow probably has more to do with her daily yoga practice and the vegan diet she adopted several years ago. DeGeneres also traded in her oversize blazers for a fitted tomboy prepster look that works for her. As for those sparkling eyes, that’s got to be about all the laughter in her life.

Jennifer Beals photo - Beauty secrets of 5 ageless celebrities

Balanced living (and the occasional burger) helps keep Jennifer Beals fabulous-looking at age 50.

5. Jennifer Beals

It’s hard to believe it’s been 31 years since Jennifer Beals Flashdanced her way onto the silver screen with that sweatshirt hanging off her shoulder. But what’s even tougher to grasp is how little the now 50-year-old actress has aged since then.

Her big beauty secrets: Balanced living seems key for Beals: she says she drinks lots of water and juice, swims, runs and does ballet. Beals has been quoted as saying she follows a mainly plant-based diet except on days when only a burger will do. Her beautiful skin tone comes from her Irish- and African-American heritage, but its youthfulness is most likely due to her care of it. Beals uses EverDeep, an algae-based skincare line, which she is a spokesperson for, and says she practices safe sun. As Beals was quoted in Parade magazine: “Cruelty and too much sun will get you every time.”

While they couldn’t be more different from each other, these women all share the beautifying benefits of being comfortable in their own skin. Are there any ageless celebrities you’d add to the list? Please leave a comment below.

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