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Bearing the blues

What do you say to yourself when you feel down? Recently I’ve realized that when in a funk, beyond the pain of feeling bad, I feel weighed down by the extra burden I coat it with. That would be thoughts … Continue reading

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5 hidden energy eaters and how to combat them

We’re all aware of the obvious energy vampires in our lives: lack of sleep, too much work, stress, poor diet and scanty exercise clearly rob us of our vim and vigour. But lately I’ve become more conscious of the insidious … Continue reading

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Saying “om” when I want to scream “OMG!”

Last Thursday as my husband was wheeled into the recovery room after having eye surgery in New York City, my cell phone rang. It was my sister calling from Toronto. Not a good sign. She was calling to say our … Continue reading

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Surviving Hurricane Sandy in style and other lessons in inner beauty

Returning from a trip to New York City that coincided with Hurricane Sandy, I’m reflecting on the closeup view it gave me of human resiliency. And some of the most inspiring figures for me were, not surprisingly, women. As a … Continue reading

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How to minimize anxiety in a stressful age

There’s an epidemic affecting women today. While diabetes, obesity and cancers are scourges; I’m referring to anxiety. According to the Ontario division of the Canadian Mental Health Association, anxiety affects 1 in 10 people. And women are 1.5 times more … Continue reading

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Meditate on This: Meditation can help reduce stress, boost memory and concentration, and even delay aging

A study published last month from the U.S.-based National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine indicates meditation may be effective in reducing acute respiratory infections. Intriguing…but that’s not why I meditate. Other studies have reported meditation can help reduce stress, … Continue reading

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