Rekindling inspiration during challenging times

New inspiration - Rekindling inspiration during challenging times

This post comes after a long absence. I suppose I could blame the layoff on balancing freelance work projects that have diverted me.  There’s truth in that statement, but when I get really honest with myself, I know the real culprit behind the furlough is flagging inspiration.

The new world disorder

As for the cause of my dulled inspiration?  It’s hard to ignore the tuned-up turbulence in our world over the past several months.

I won’t reiterate all the recent events, human and environmental crises and personalities we can be upset about. But the recent chemical attacks in Syria on people (including babies and kids) who have already suffered so much is perhaps the most grotesque evidence of our world’s “dis-ease.”

Of course, human history is littered with horrible things people have done to one another and to the planet. (I know, this post is very uplifting so far…). But do you agree the pace and volume of bad news seems unrelenting in the past year?

If you’re a sensitive person, it’s very tempting to want to go hide under a pile of pillows until it’s safe to come out.

Midlife sentence

So in this climate, writing about wellness and caring for oneself inside and out has felt trivial to me at times. I mean how important is hyperpigmentation or a slowed-down metabolism when there are people in parts of the world living under daily assault?

But then I thought about the women I know in their 40s and beyond, and the challenges of this life stage. Almost every woman “of a certain age” I’m acquainted with is going through some major life stuff now.

Whether it’s coping with a struggling child, aging parents, a challenging health diagnosis, financial problems, a career crisis or a troubled marriage, my friends are shouldering a full load.

While those trials may not seem on the same scale as the pain reported in the media’s rawest headlines, they’re not insignificant. Especially since women tend to sacrifice their own self-care in favour of supporting the needs of their loved ones.

The fact that these challenges often come at the very same time that our hormones decide to switch things up on us further adds to the fun.

Tracking new inspiration

Back in the day, I remember my mom talking about going through “the Change” and that it would be a challenging time. (We had the impeccable timing of my mother reaching menopause at the same point I hit puberty.) But beyond witnessing my mother’s hot flashes and seesawing moods, I didn’t get how much she was going through.

This is my long-winded way of saying that women and their experiences at midlife are important. And it’s sad that I have to write this down, but our society won’t affirm that.

So we have to do it for ourselves.

I believe when women of all ages are more valued and supported, we’ll be better equipped to temper the off-the-charts testosterone currently fuelling world events.

Not that there aren’t loads of wonderful, wise men out there. It’s just that I think we need to right the balance of influence by championing ourselves and other women.

I think that’s a pretty good way to find renewed inspiration.


When you’re feeling weighed down by life what do you do to find inspiration? I’d love it if you shared your thoughts below. 

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