What is Beauty in the Middle?

It’s about feeling good about yourself and the way you look even when the waiters who used to flirt with you have started to call you “ma’am.”  The actress Denise Richards, of all people, perfectly summed up the popular attitude to women in this stage of life during an interview on “Piers Morgan Tonight” when the host asked her if she and Charlie Sheen would ever reconcile. Richards, a knockout at 41, laughed and said something to the effect that she was now well over the age bracket of women that her 46-year-old ex would go for. Enough said. Well, almost …

To counteract the notion that once you’re mid-30s or beyond your choices are to either quietly slip on sensible shoes or lose your mind and become a cougar, this blog will celebrate the full beauty potential of women at midlife. This means taking an inside-out look, so we’ll present approaches to well-being, along with products, expert advice, interviews with “middle beauties” who are shaking things up, and much more.

Who am I? Tracy photo - About

My name is Tracy Howard and I’m a writer and editor who specializes in wellness and lifestyle topics. Prior to embarking on the freelance life, I was an editor-in-chief of custom magazines in the areas of beauty, lifestyle and travel. I’ve also been on a journey to discover the best ways to stay well and, hopefully, look well as the clock ticks on. So while I’m not a makeup artist, yoga instructor or a dermatologist, I’ll use my journalism skills and keen interest in the subject matter to bring you the best information on beauty and wellness for this stage of life.

Let’s navigate the beauty counter and wellness aisle together!

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